Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Black


Bluetooth V4.1

Hands Free Earphone



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High frequency of the speakers

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition adopted a moving coil that enhances the frequency of human voice and delivers richer and clearer sound in general that works with many genres. The shape of the earbuds is re-designed ensuring you get the best music and calling experience. The output hole was reduced to 3 mm to block from the outside more effectively and make the voice more focused.

Two buttons — multiple options

Operation is split between two skinny buttons that have a functionality of 8! You do not need to pick up your smartphone to accept a call or skip a track etc.



  • Adjust volume. Turn the volume up or down as far as you like and enjoy listening to music or talking.

  • Move back and forth between the tracks. Not in a mood to listen to that song, find something else in your track list.

  • Reject calls. You are in the middle of something important and do not want to be bothered for some time more, let the person that calls you know that.

  • Three-way calling. Talk to more than one person on the phone.

  • Pause/play tracks. Stop a currently playing track (e.g. when crossing a road) and then press play to continue listening.

  • Last number redial. If you need to redial a number you just called or a number that just called you, this is a shortcut to do so.

  • Answer/end the call. If you prefer to press a button over to swipe the screen to accept or end a phone call, you came to the right place.

  • Call transfer. Use your phone to dial and the call will transfer to the headset automatically.


Latest version of Bluetooth 4.1 and 4G network compatibility

Because Bluetooth and 4G internet uses the same frequencies they often interfere with each other. Bluetooth 4.1 does not have such co-existence issues and automatically switches to another frequency to let both perform at their maximum potential.

Bluetooth 4.1 is able to connect to more than one phone at the same time. The headset became one of the first Xiaomi products to use a first-class CSR Bluetooth chip for a more stable and reliable performance.

  • CSR8610 Bluetooth chip.

  • CVC Noise reduction.

  • Improved 4G network compatibility.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Support for 2 simultaneous devices.

  • Health safe.

 Xiaomi designed 3 pairs of replacement tips to provide a customized and snug fit to any ear in case the defaults do not fit. They are made out of a pliable medical standard silicone that causes no harm to your ears.